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Saturday, 25 November 2000
Paintball Arena (Strip District), Pittsburgh PA
Pursuit of Happiness

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Line-up: Kate; Ben Kenobi; AC Slater; Ryan Matthew; Zone.
Note: Well, Pursuit did it AGAIN! Another fantastic all-locals $10 party! As usual, the vibe was killer and the people couldn't have been friendlier, considering how crowded it got during the night. AC Slater spun the best happy hardcore set I've heard in a long time, Zone mixed things up in a truly excellent way (as only he can do!) and Ryan Matthew... well, he does things with trance that are truly unbelievable! All of the music, including the second room, made for the perfect night Pursuit has a way of showing all of us that we can all truly have a great night together without all of the flash of a typical, more expensive event. This was also my one year anniversary of going to parties (Heaven was Thanksgiving weekend last year)... and what a way to spend that night! Thanks so much to everyone who came and who celebrated this night with me (whether you knew it or not!).