First Derivative

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Saturday, 7 October 2000
Lebanon, PA
Digital Movement

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Line-up: Skylab 2000; Q-Bert; Humate; DJ T-1000; Thee-o; Michael Myers; Nicholas Bennison; Hectic; Venom; Empress; DJ Koo-kane; Capital J; Big in Japan; Dr. Nitro; Dao; Laphalot; Circuit Breaker; Jeff Heart; Rubix Cube; Jaybird; Johnny Fame; Armen and James Messinian; Kelly Cox; Omar Barrada; Intellect (Luis and Locks); Mindbender; The Drop Squad; Erin Anderson; Bluff v. Primetime with Rafik the MC; Justin Thomas; DJ Ru w/ MC Meddafore; Evan Thompson; DJ Skip; Scorpion; Alexander AKA Adrock; Meeshu Boltz; Kwestion; Sean O'Neal; DJ Hero; Clockwork.
Note: I actually had to work almost this entire party and didn't get out to see the other 3 rooms. The room we were working had some incredible sounds... esp. Humate. ALL PICS TAKEN BY ESCO!