A Fall Excursion

Saturday, 4 November 2000
Indian Cave Park, Knoxville TN
Family Tree Productions and GEL Entertainment

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Go HERE for pics of the cave further back than anyone got to see.
HERE for pics of the lasers during the show that night.


Line-up: Soul Slinger; Kevin V. & Willyum; J-Luv; Suneel; Mr. Nice Guy; Agustin SanDoval; Sursee; Damien; Satoshi & Slink; DJ Solow, DJ NVS & Rob Reeves; Krumbz; Dosadi; Terrence Young; Jamie Eadds.
Note: Well, another party in the cave... this place just gets more and more sick every time I go there! There were more people this time, which made a big difference. We (Lightwave) also did lasers for the first time there... what a phat place for them too! Unfortunately, since I was there working, I didn't get out too much to talk to people. My friends Justin and Mike did get out a little and they are the ones who took the pics above. The pics of the lasers I took during the night and the pics of the cave were taken in the afternoon while we were waiting for the power to get set up. Take a look at the cave pics if you haven't see that place... it's pretty cool further back! Anyhow, this scene is truly incredible and you all should be proud of what you've got there. For those of you who haven't been down here for a party... GET GOING! These are some of the greatest people you will ever meet! Word has it we may be back sometime soon, so I hope to see everyone there again.