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Saturday, 09 September 2000
Niagra Falls Convention & Civic Centre, Niagra Falls NY
Phlux Productions

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Line-up: Skylab 2000; Micro; DJ Icey; DJ Bam Bam; Grant Plant; Hardware; Josh DA Funky 1; Major Malfunction; Jon The Dentist; Sandra Collins; Kimball Collins; S.O.S.; OS/2; Dr. Trance; DJ Dibbs; ak1200; Dieselboy; DARA; Marcos; Deny; Espionage; MC Jon Juan; MC Valiant; Paladin; Dose The Alien; Mike Parker; Meniscus; Chris O'Conner; Dannyboy
Note: By far, this was the best attended party I've ever been to... and for good reason! Great lineup and great venue... maybe a little too large sometimes (it was TOO easy to lose people here!), but fantastic anyhow. There had to be 5,000+ really friendly partykids here! This was one of the best planned events I've been to so far... Phlux did a great job on this one! Next time though, how 'bout selling the bottles WITH the water instead of the cups?! :-) An overall great night!