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Saturday, 20 January 2001
Moon Laser City, Pittsburgh PA

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Line-up: 7up; Colin Anthony; Eric; Cowboy.
Note: I've never been to a party at Moon Laser that I didn't have a good time. I like this place even though it's kinda small. Always a good vibe here... and tonight was no exception! Yeah, the weather sucked (our first blizzard of the year just had to hit tonight), but for the 300 or so people who were here, this was a great time! Pittsburgh's first set of hard (and I mean H-A-R-D, baby!) trance was spun tonight like it's never been spun before! Trance like that could just rip you up and spit you back out... and what a great feeling it was! It was awesome having 7up back here in Pittsburgh... it's been way too long, Dave! Everything tonight was just perfect... too bad to those who couldn't make it out!