Intergalactic Adventure

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Saturday, 19 August 2000
Johnstown War Memorial, Johnstown PA
5 Star Productions

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Line-up: Mike Huckaby; DJ Dread; Huda Hudia; Mark Grant; Simply Jeff; 7-Up

Note: A virgin venue that ROCKS! That's all I can say for this place! 5 Star went ALL OUT to make this place not just another arena area, but a great party site. From the entrance to the layout to the 5 screens of visuals, the out-of-this-world lighting (with those moving trusses) to the incredibly phat smiley-people drop at 4:20... this party ranks as one of the very best I've seen! The music was incredible and just moved the night along... there would be more pics if I managed to stop dancing long enough to take more. Sorry! I know that some people have complained about this party... and I cannot agree... I and everyone I've talked to had a great time this night... and we needed a really great, first-class party like this.