Journey to the Centre of the Earth

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Saturday, 2 September 2000
Indian Cave Park, Knoxville TN
Family Tree Productions + Posvibe Entertainment

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Line-up: Carl Michaels; Josef Plante; Mr. Nice Guy; Matt Todd; Agustin Sandoval; Tonnell; Special K + Jack Sprout; Gabe; Focus; Satoshi; Instinct + Core; Xist; Myst; Steelo; Brackenfern; Hypnotic.
Note: OK... a party in a cave... HOW could I miss this?! Simply put, I couldn't. AND WHAT A PHAT PARTY THIS WAS! Honestly, I have to say that this was, to date, the BEST party I've been to... the venue was incredible... the people here were the friendliest that I've run into ANYWHERE... there was lots of love everywhere that night! Mad props to everyone in TN for having such a great scene and a great group of people. Pittsburgh parties are fantastic, but this felt like Pittsburgh probably did about a year or so ago... keep it real, guys... you're going in the right direction! If there's ever another party here, you can be sure I'd go... the 8 hour drive was SO worth it! Special word to Shawn + Agustin for their kindness. One HELL of a party guys!