P.L.U.R. simply put is Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. But as is true with everything in the world, nothing can be simply put. P.L.U.R. is a lifestyle, a state of mind, and an outlook on life.

Picture it: the music is pumping, the lights are shooting through the smoke filled room, your body moves as if taken over by the beat, you look around, you smile and realize that at that second every person in the room with you is your best friend. There is no judgement, no worries, nothing but a solid beat, a good vibe, and the knowledge that everyone around you truly understands what it is to be at peace with everyone else. They are willing to love anyone for who they are without judgement. You can feel the unity that comes from knowing that you are truly above all worries. And you realize that everyone, including yourself, respects everyone and everything around them. Then you realize the music is hoppin, the people are groovin, and you and everyone around you have entered a world most people can only dream of.

Thatís P.L.U.R. and once it takes you over you will never be the same. It is the anthem of the raver, and the ideal by which we operate. It is a conscious choice to accept, love, and respect everyone around us, including those who would laugh at our principles and ideals. It is the strength which keeps us in our constantly happy mood, and it gives us the strength to persevere in a world which judges a book simply by itís cover, not even taking the time to understand the beauty that lies on the inside.