1) Go around and ask someone for a cigarette. When they give it to
you, put it in your pocket, say thanks, and walk away. Continue to to this
until you have collected about 100 cigarettes and then start to sell

2) Walk into circles and just stand there.

3) Pretend you are learning how to do glowsticks. Keep "losing
control" of one of them by throwing it at someone. Continue to do this
until that person moves. Then follow them and continue to "learn".

4) Walk up to someone with water and make the motion of wanting a
drink. When they give you the water, walk away with it.

5) Go up and try to eat someones "candy"

6) Suck on someone elses pacifier while they are wearing it.

7) When someone walks by you and says e, say f and follow them around
until they say g, then say h, etc. Act all excited because you have a
new friend.

8) Lie down on the dance floor.

9) Throw things at the DJ to see if you can make the record skip.

10) When you leave and people ask you if you want flyers say yes then
take the whole stack and throw it in the air and yell "its raining, its

11) When someone comes up to you to ask if you are rolling, scream
loudly and run away shouting "the devil! the devil!"

12) Look at someones candy bracelets and find one you like then walk up
to them and say "ooooo.... prettty" and then take it and walk away. If
they ask you what you are doing just growl and salivate.

13) Growl and salivate anyways and tell people you took whatever the
most popular pill at the party is.

14) Roll around on the floor until someone says "are you rolling?" then
smile and stand up.

15) Bring your mom.

16) Bring someones elses mom.

17) When giving someone a light show, keep hitting them in the head.

18) Undress people who are passed out then sell them back their clothes
at "bargin price."

19) Walk up to someone who is dancing and "boo" them, give them thumbs
down, and make vomiting sounds.

20) Lick people.