The sunlight dies down.

The once bright sky has now turned black.

The bass pounds.

Your heart races.

Eyes widen in amazment.

Money in hand.

Butterflies in stomache.

You enter a abandoned building.
Lights,lazers,and fog flashing and flowing everywhere you look.

You see hundreds of people dancing wildely as if a tribal ritual to some "strange" music.

You see a tall,lone figure standing infront of these wildly dancing kids feeding off the energy they are creating,and they feeding off of his energy,he then holds up a record as if it were a prize,or trophy.

He then sets it down,adjusts a few knobs in between two record players.

The sound changes pace and the crowd screams and whistles are blown in pure ecstasy.

You slowly begin to be takin over by these noises produced by the lone figure,and begin to dance as the others.

Few hours pass and you move on to another room where you will greet friendly new faces,exchange phone numbers,names and maybe a few pieces of plastic jewlry.

You then make your way back to the dance floor,and once again the figure raises a record for all to see.
You continue to dance and talk to new,exciting,colourful people...

Hours go by in what seems minutes,the music die down as did the sun the night before,the lights come on,the building once flooded with hot sweaty beautiful widly dancing people is once again just an abandoned building.

You exit and what was darkness a few hours ago has now become light again,you see all the people waking up and going to work or whatever else their day has planned for them.

You look into the sky and never before has it seemed so beautiful,so....meaningful.

You think to yourself: "what an amazing night! The music was great,people were amazing,and the vibe was terrific.

You anticipate the comming of the next Friday so you can do it all again and meet more new,exciting,beautiful,colourful people and share the same love for creativity,music,and pride in ones self as you do.


written by: Clint Egnatz a.k.a-PIKACHU Dec. 05,2000 ~*p~L~u~R~r*~