Perhaps for some of you new to the RAVE culture, it might be surprising to know that the artistic movement we belong to started in England during what was called "The Summer of Love", back in the late 80's, as an underground movement. A movement that was based on House, Techno, and Acid music, but most importantly, based on a feeling of LOVE.

Ever since then the raves have supposed to be a safe arena where all people can come together to share and celebrate through the music, leaving behind our differences on race, colour, national origin, age, social status, creed or religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any kind of social intolerance or antagonism that do nothing but to lower the quality of the human spirit. In a rave you are supposed to leave your attitudes outside, and join your fellow brothers and sisters hoping to participate in a mind expanding experience, in unity with all.

Unfortunately, this is a utopian premise that is bound to fail. Our culture has been the target of plenty of attacks by the authorities and the media all over Florida, the US, UK, and the planet. All over our state our venues are being targeted. Failing to give us any credit as an artistic movement (digital arts of the end of the Century), the reactionary groups and the media have definitely hurt our community. Some of the police force displayed at our events would make you think that these kids with Telletubbies outfits and glitter, are the most violent criminal terrorists in the world.

These are acts of arrogant ignorance that even seem to be endorsed by the 'so called' alternative and progressive older crowds, by just remaining silent, failing to realize that when some of us lose our basic freedoms to intolerance, everyone else does. It is rather ironic that these people look at our music as "non-melodic-noise", whereas the generation before them called rock n' roll "non-melodic noise".

If you are able to vote, get informed, know your community representatives and go out to vote next time....DO IT. Or when you least expect it, your rights will be gone! Yet, the saddest part are the attacks we are inflicting on ourselves.

*What's up with all that attitude and carelessness kids?
*What's up with those kids who are ready to stamp a Nike logo on someone's face just for more space to spin on the dance floor?
*What's up with that nasty attitude the B-boys throw at the Club Kids just because these are too outrageously dressed or pierced?
*What's up with that snotty, cliquish attitude of some who have been in the scene for very long and are at the cutting edge?
*What's up with those so called "mature" older members of the scene who look down on younger candy-bubble gum ravers and quote them as "cheesy".

Does that makes you any superior? Don't think so!

We need to understand the cultural value of the pop-art iconography (imagery) this brings about, our freedom of choice and the element of FUN (just think Andy Warhol. Yes, even pacifiers and back-packs are OK). The last thing we need are retarded and pretentious dressing codes. Rave culture should be beyond this shallow way of thinking. Think. Isn't all that shit pretty much against all what we stand for? Aren't we just being as intolerant, mean, prejudiced and ignorant as those who attack us??!

*What's up with those promoters who don't give a shit about our political and legal problems? *What's up with all that nasty event security?
*What's up with some places allowing gate-ups under 16 to make more money? The media just loves it!!
*How about those DJ's that sell-out to music that doesn't induce Unity and a general groove, but play what promotes attitude and competition? A big thank you and respect must go to those promoters and DJ's, and the "boys" who are true to the scene and put out quality stuff. We love you, please don't give up!
*What's up with those who haven't learned to respect their bodies and abuse them carelessly?

You are at the core of our problems!!! If we don't stop the paramedic emergency interventions due to carelessness, we will get shut down. There is no way around it! Stop giving them an excuse to bring us down! Please be careful, remember that less is more, if you respect yourself and your body you will get more out of the experience. Getting fucked-up is not what's it's all about. It's about the music, having a good time, opening your mind, connecting with others and reflecting the positive experiences onto your everyday life. Moreover, perhaps enhancing your soul, your spirit. Dropping that extra bean or mixing up shit is not going to resolve any of your personal problems. The answers will come from within not from some outside stuff. Also, who isn't fed up with the rude and pushy drunk frats and trendies who come to our scene just because it's "cool" and then they pass out on "GHB"?

*What's up with these who just bitch yet don't do anything for the scene. You forget that YOU are the scene."...You, me, all of us, whom are looking for the key, the key that will open the door, to the world, the world, of love...".(remember?) =D -

It is very simple: if you love our culture, do something constructive about it. If you don't like our scene, stop bashing it, get out of it, and get a happy life. Many have jumped into the novelty wagon of the raves without realizing that we actually have a philosophical base: PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT. Yet, maybe we, the veteran ravers, have failed to accurately pass on the message of PLUR to the new kids. True, the scene is not what it used to be. Of course not! It will never be, and that's OK. Our scene, as our music, is based on an ever changing dynamic. We must learn to guide it to the right directions. If the scene ever stops evolving it will certainly die.

It is also time to move to the next step and evolve. It is time for us to add an extra R to PLUR for responsibility. Responsibility is not a dirty word. It is a matter of love and respect for yourself and others. It is a matter of balance in our lives. Nevertheless, the overlooked facts are the positive effects the RAVE SCENE has had in many of us. Our scene still is a positive, friendly scene. We need to recognize the fact that we are the last significant cutting edge youth artistic movement of the decade, the century, of the millennium. An underground movement that belongs to the young people and that connects us at a global level. Technology has opened the door to countless young creative minds as never before in history. Minds that have produced extraordinary beautiful music never before imagined, as well as outstanding quality graphic design art as it is seen in our flyers, magazines, and 3D computer graphics, many of it deserving to be at any pop-art gallery. Our fashion designs are awesome and very influential to street sportswear. This is all a unique cultural expression that is all full of innovation and energy. It celebrates diversity. And it is all of our own! We are the ones who will take the SPIRIT into the next MILLENNIUM. Because at the end it's all about our people. Those who make the music, the graphics, the gatherings, those who dance to celebrate life and the beauty of their spirit.

Fortunate are those who look at the world with the eyes and the heart of a child. The UNDERGROUND DANCE COMMUNITY, you know who you are, the Space Cadets, true to the scene, the music, and their friends. To those here to make real friends at the scene, cultivate that friendship, it may be one of the most valuable things in your life. This letter is for all of you, because you are not alone. We are scattered and divided. We need to unite, reach out and make contact. Educate ourselves and others. We are not the slacker losers they want you to believe we are. We are creative, dynamic, young, peaceful, evolving, beautiful people. We are the next level. Keep it alive, you are the underground!! We are the children of light. Next time on the dance floor, on the playground, turn around, look at that person you might even have fear of, smile, reach out, share a hug, you might even make a friend. Prove to those who would like to poison and kill your young spirit, that we are far beyond their pathetic destructive negativity. We are the cyber children of the millennium. Dancing the groove with everyone instead of one. Spread the joy around you with the heart of a child. Take care and respect yourself and others. Let the music set your spirit free.

plurr davybean2001