The Scene

For those of you who don't already know...

The parties we attend are basically an escape. When you need a place to
go to get away, it's here. Friendly faces, big hearts and good people are
everywhere, no argueing, no violence, no discrimination. Negativity is left
at the door, leaving us at Peace with ourselves. We try to spread Love in
many ways. There's a good chance random people will approach you and offer a
simple gft, whether it be candy, a hug, a handshake, or just a smile. Don't
be alarmed if a complete stranger walks up and starts a conversation with
you, it happens all the time here. It's all good. You will notice that many
of us are like family. We try to keep in touch. It's hard sometimes because
you do meet a lot of people, and you probably won't remember anyone's name.
The Unity helps to keep the positive atmosphere alive. We're a great bunch of
kids, good hearted and fun-loving. We Respect you for being yourself and
feeling good about it. We try not to judge anyone, after all, you are unique
in your own way. Be proud of yourself. Do not let someone make you feel
inferior in any way. It's definitely good for the spirit. For those of you
who aren't in touch with your spiritual side, it's all about having a good
time. Seeing new faces, hearing new music, and meeting new people is all part
of the fun.
You yourself are welcomed into the scene as long as you keep it real and
positive. You can make a difference too. Ask someone if they're having a good
time. Shake someone's hand. Give someone a hug. Pass on the good vibes. The
response you get wll most likely lift your spirits and make you have an even
better night!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Enjoy the parties!!!!!


-Written by Tara