The theory of raves is evolutionary. Many believe
that "club kids" go there just for the freedom to do
any and all types of drugs. Most of us go to get away
from society and all of the bullshit. At a rave no
one judges you, no one repudiates you, and most of
all, no one is better than you. We are all equal and
free. We all have different styles, but all are
connected for the same reason. We love the music, the
atmosphere, and most of all, the belonging that we
feel. At dance clubs, everyone has to put on a front
and act better than all the rest, to achieve this
front, many people have to get drunk. This causes
fights and disorder. At our kind of clubs, everyone
is at peace, and is willing to accept everyone and
everything. If more people came to realize what an
awsome experience it is, and not just to go to say
they went, we would all have one kick ass party. The
Dj's are the heart of the show, if he/she wasnt there
pumping the beat of the heart, none of us would feel
the unity that we do. The sounds and lights feed our
mind, body, and sould......putting us in a trance for
the next 8 hours. The music is so powerful that we
still feel it as we leave the party, and all
through-out the next day. If people would come to
accept this way of partying, instead of worrying about
the drugs, and the violence, teens today would have a
place to belong, a place to call home.......