Dear Editor

I am 28 years old. I am a graduate of the University Of Pittsburgh's English Department. I work as an Interior Design Assistant. I am not a thug. Most of my college friends, high school friends, "cool/going places in the world" friends, have moved away from Pittsburgh. I've considered leaving, like so many young people, but stayed and carved a place for myself in the Pittsburgh club/rave scene. I am not a drug dealer. I am not a 'club kid'. I am not a 'candy raver'. So, please, why don't you tell me where i fit into the rave model presented in yesterday's feature ?

I am proud of my part in the electronic dance movement and I am disgusted by the portrayal of my peers as drug dealers and "thugs". Perhaps the writer should have found a better source of information than sometimes drug dealer, "Mr. Z".

Your article fails to mention that the dance music scene has inspired fashion on college campuses in Pittsburgh and around the country. You fail to mention that house music is represented on TV commercials every night, prime time. You fail to mention the local record stores (Hypervinyl, Future Sounds), clothing stores (Avalon), DJs (DJ Kevin, Bagel, Ryan Matthew, 7UP)and record producers (Shawn Rudiman, Joshua Ryan) that have put Pittsburgh on the map worldwide within the dance music community. You fail to mention that the Pittsburgh rave scene has given birth to one of the top 'drum and bass' DJs in the world, Damian Higgins aka 'Dieselboy'. You fail to realize that your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters are dancing in clubs and at raves every weekend. The Carnegie Science Center even hosted a "rave" as part of their grand opening. There have been dance music parties in Pittsburgh for the last nine years and in Europe for years and years prior. Here, no one has died from an overdose. Can you say that local bars have the same track record ? Can you say that you'd rather have your daughter attend Woodstock 2001 ? Your article greatly reinforced what all of my since-moved college friends told me about Pittsburgh. This non-progressive line of thinking will keep the young people from staying here and keep us from ever being recognized as a true cultural hub. Are 'Stiller' fans enough for you ?

Kelly Carter