Well I'm damn sick of all this attack on our kids
in the scene. I grew up on this scene, spent my years from 12 to the
present 25 on this scene. These kids are our promoters and DJ's of tomorrow. I
love them, respect them, and want to desperately give them a safe place
to come and party.


I'm a candy kid myself. You'll see me at parties with my beads, toys,
backpack full of individually wrapped candies and a shitload of stickers,
and maybe even a glowing dancing stuffed animal (I had it at BUG). I started
on this scene as a candy kid because my life was so horrible and wretched
the fun I had in that complete form of escapism of "candieness" gave me
then and now a great joy in my life. Being CANDY has nothing to do with
drugs. Its a spirit of joy, giving, and love for strangers. I get the
biggest joy when I'm able to make a strangers night that much better because
I added something to their RAVE experience.


I dont see what right any promoter has to tell people to take off any part
of their outfit no matter what their personal opinion is. If you dont like
ravers why the hell are you a promoter? If you don't want people sitting
around in huddles at your party give us a reason to stand or move around.
Keep us so amazed or intrigued by the music, set designs, performers that we
stand in open mouthed awe! At the least do what most good security teams do
and ask the piles of kids on the floor to stay out of the walking areas or
just plain ask them not to sit in one place all night. If you want the
Gestapo at parties we can find them at every big name concert hall in the
US. But do keep in mind you wont have the vibe you so dearly want with all
these rules and binky-nazis.


In short it comes down to this. Advertise to the people you want at your
parties and they will come. Don't interfere in someone else's right to a
good time, just keep them smart and informed. If you believe so strongly
against MDMA then why not pass out information on its evils at parties and
inform these kids of what you so righteously believe in. Do something to
make this scene better, dont sit around and bitch. If you need to bitch
that much throw your own party and do it the way you think it should be

childhood begins with death
as adults we quicken from others
each rebirth each life gone each death we cause
brightens the flicker in thine eye
and teaches another child how to die forever

(as posted on the scris board 27.9.2000)