A Solid Rising

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Saturday, 30 September 2000
The Valley Centre, Roanoke VA
Positive Entertainment

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Line-up: Dave Canalte; Justin Scott; Faust & Shorty; Implicit; Chris Sick
Note: Well, another party 'down south'... and it only went to reinforce my opinion from 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' that the young scene in the Tennessee/Virginia area is one of the friendliest groups around! This was a party which ranks at the top of my list for so many reasons... but the people there are first on that list! While the lineup for this party was nothing world-notable, the music that spun all night was fantastic... and everyone loved it! The majority of the crowd danced all night and showed just how important the music was to them all. Also, this was a very, very diverse crowd... not composed all of your 'typical' ravers. While the scene in Pittsburgh is mixed, the crowd here included large numbers of new people (which, honestly, you can tell by their dress and actions), who all appeared to have a totally kickass time. This was also a really great venue, security was good with everyone, and the evening was really nice and relaxed. There were many people here who I met at 'Journey' last month... only going to show how much some of them will travel just to get to a good party. I went to this party, again, with Lightwave Laser Productions to do a laser show... and what they all saw that night was something I can tell they've never seen in the past. This was a really appreciative and friendly crowd... and I hope to be able to party with everyone I met there again!

Once again, I will apologise that the number of 'party' shots is pretty minimal... mostly crowd, lighting/laser shots. See, Lightwave is in the process of revamping it's website (the new link will be posted on my Parties page when it's completed) and we've needed some shots for the site. THAT is what has motivated the large number of laser pics lately. Also, however, I've managed to get some really amazing 'artsy' kind of party pics lately which I truly love. But I will return to more of the people in the near future! If I missed you here, you might find me at a party in the cave again in November or December... so hunt me down if you see lasers there and I'll be happy to include you here! I hope to get a chance to meet more of you as my visits to your scene increase! :-)

BTW, the pics of the bridge at the end are of the New River Bridge in WV... a place on US RT 19 we stopped on the way back home to Pittsburgh. The bridge is the world's longest arched bridge. Beautiful, isn't it?!