Break of Dawn

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Friday, 17 March 2000
The Coliseum, Pittsburgh PA
Aurora Productions

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 My friends, Skyewalker and Mike  Abby's 'Grinch' backpack!
 Abby (that you can see!) and her 'Grinch'  Mikey!
 Mikey and Funshine  Shawn and Danielle
 Shawn, Nickoli and Danielle  Kenny (black hat & shirt) and I both celebrated our birthdays tonight!  AJ is on the left.
 James and Skyewalker  Chris
   Nate and Lurpy
 Jared & Adam  The Lineup!
 Someone's having just a little TOO good of a time here!  C'mon now, selling water wasn't THAT fun, was it?!
 Lurpy and Nate  Skyewalker and his glowsticks!
 Dana  Laura and Ben
 Tye!  Rori and Tye

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Line-up: Tommie Sunshine (electro roller-boogie disco techno); Ty T (progressive trance); Matt Positive (happy hardcore); DJ Darwin (funky jazz/house); Product 19 (acid); Doc Cutup & DJ Reliant ('old skool' ragga); Cowboy (hard house).
Note: Another new venue... really big and nice. Lots of friendly people were here tonight! This was a great way to spend my birthday! Thanks, everyone! :-)