Global 2000

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 4-6 August 2000
North Carolina / South Carolina
3E Productions & Y2K Entertainment

For an explanation of these pictures, please read below

As you may or may not already know, Global 2000, which was to be a three day electronic music festival in Lumberton, NC, then in Florence, SC, then in Horry County, SC and then... finally... in Myrtle Beach, SC... where what was left of it was finally held... was halted by the local courts in those locations due to prejudice, misunderstanding and fear.

While the site in Lumberton, NC was lost approximately a week prior to the event, the promoters secured a much nicer site in Florence, SC... a city which is a pre-beach town located at the junction of some major highways. It is NOT some pathetic, small, rustic southern town! The county fairgrounds was secured for the venue and preparations began. There was NO requirement that the local authorities be notified of any events being held there and no notice had ever been given for prior events. However, when the local authorities found out that Global 2000 would be held in their town, they filed a petition for an injunction with the local courts. After a full day hearing on the matter on Thursday, 3 August 2000, the court granted the injunction. At the hearing, various public safety officials testified that the massive influx of people for this event would cause a severe public safety crisis as they were not able to assemble enough police, fire, paramedic and other safety personnel together on only 3 days notice.

The director of the fairgrounds testified that the local County Fair itself drew approximately 60,000 over the course of the week-long event, with 15,000 of them on the closing Saturday alone. Global 2000 only anticipated a maximum of 15,000 attendees over the three days. How this could be such a strain on the local government is wholly without reason or belief.

What made this action so peculiar is that the court granted the injunction prior to the event occuring. We have a constitutional right to freedom of association... and if the event had begun and problems then developed, the authorities would have been within their right to close the event down. However, there was prior restraint of our constituional rights here... which hopefully will allow the promoters to proceed in a civil action against the authorities.

The prejudice which cause this problem, however, was caused by the negative image that has become associated with these events. Irresponsible people doing irresponsible things have caused this. As there is no negative societal image of someone going to a bar and having a couple of drinks, there IS a negative image of that person having 10 drinks and then driving home. The same goes for these events. If we all respect what goes on here... if we all like the ability to come together and enjoy each other in an open surrounding celebrating ourselves and the music which joins us... then we must learn to be responsible with ourselves and encourage others to be responsible also. This is the time to take action... before what we know and enjoy is taken from us forever!

The pictures which I have posted above reflect the moral of the event. The police, followed by the tearful announcement in Horry County, SC that a second injunction had been issued. It was a sad, sad day. As we were packing up from Horry County Fairgrounds, I said to those with me... "It's a shame... This seemed like a really great group of people who I would have liked to have spent the weekend partying with." Fortunately, because the promoters didn't give up, and because of the fantastic efforts by a few incredible people, there WAS an weekend long event in Myrtle Beach, SC for those who had travelled so far... just showing that those who know the meaning of the scene can keep it together!