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Friday, 17 November 2000
Club Laga, (Oakland) Pittsburgh PA
Twin Productions

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Line-up: Kimball Collins; DJ Didi; Zelch Brothers; Bob Salari; Zone.
Note: While Kimball Collins was in Pittsburgh, I was in Puerto Rico for a meeting. Now, before you all feel SOOOOO sorry for me for being there, let me tell you that the trip was really awful. Sure, there was sun and heat, but it was just TOO hot to enjoy being outside. I managed to scrape my whole leg up on some coral when I was snorkeling and got food poisoning that put me in bed for my last day there. Seeing that I was only there for 4 days, that's not too good of a record, if you ask me! Honestly, I would rather have been here in Pittsburgh this weekend... at least I would have heard something other than salsa-like latin music! I heard great reports from this night... and the pics above (taken by my friend, Derek), show me how much fun I missed.