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Saturday, 20 May 2000
Rostraver Ice Gardens, Westmoreland Co. PA
total xperience productions

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 REALLY early on in the night!  The lights go up...
 All this just for the sound?  The Bounce House
 Bounce House Rules... mind those nail guns now!  uh, and they brought this to a party?  WHERE will you find the 'responsible' one?
 a little fuzzy, but things are coming together...  Me and Heather before the show.
 DJ CO2 and his yellow record carrier.  I just thought this was a phat pic of the lights and the fog before the show started.
 Bedford... the man behind it all!  
 DJ Punisher  Don & DJs Pailo and Inspector 901... now WHY won't these damned turntables work?!
 Everyone is just doing something different here, aren't they?!  DJ Pailo
 DJ Pailo  The 'New' Funshine!
 Strawberry Shortcake & Fieval  Heather I, Heather II and Mark
 DJ CO2  Inspector 901
 Inspector 901 & CO2 tag teaming  Inspector 901 and this really cool laser shot!

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Line-up: Punisher (live drum n' bass); Usul (funky breaks & house); Walkingstick w/ McInfinity (jungle w/mc); Pailo (house & breaks); Jaybird (trance); DJ Panic (trance); and the following tag teams: Product 19 & Cowboy (house & techno); 7up & Zemo (house); Inspector 901 & CO2 (hard techno).
Note: This was one kick-ass phat party... one of the best I've been to in a while! Now, if WTAE TV news didn't have to go and make this party the brunt of it's incredibly misinformed attempt at making people believe these are nothing more than massive drug parties and 'warning' parents about this horrible event in Westmoreland County (numerous times, I might add!), there probably would have been more people here. The uniformed and 'undercover' (if you can really call them that... they dressed like they were going to a truck pull, not a party!) police really weren't too bad. I guess those who were arrested have a different view, but they were polite to me at least. Needless to say, shade was ABSOLUTELY ZERO this night! Unfortunately, all of the biased news reports must have kept all of the partykids locked up tightly in their homes this night... 'cause they sure missed one hell of a party! One final note to the media... if you're going to report on these parties, why not actually come to one yourself instead of relying on hearsay and the 'testimony' of 3 intimidated 'teens' that have gone to a party. Look, people go to bars... some don't drink at all, some have a couple of beers and others get ripped drunk. Some drink beer, some drink wine, some drink liquor. Just because you go to a bar and a few people get ripped drunk DOESN'T mean EVERYONE is a drunken fool... there's NOTHING different about these parties than that analogy... but why would you waste your time finding that out?! PLUR!