Saturday, 19 February 2000
Paintball Arena, Pittsburgh
total xperience productions

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 Chey, Core-E and Cory at the start of the night!  Josh and Joey.
 Crowd.  Crowd.
 George's tandem lasers I -- if i'd known these would take so well, i would have taken more!  These lasers kicked ass!
 (clockwise from left):  Kate, Brian, Jamie, me and Brian.  Brian and Ron.
 Cory and CorE.  Chey and me (and YES, I have a glowstick in my mouth, ok???!)

Line-up: DJ Wally aka Pish Posh -tag team- Phaontom 45 (drum n' bass); Deep Blue (breaks); DJ Walking Stick (jungle); X-Dream (trance); DJ Admatic (chicago house); Craig K - tag team- Inspector 901 (techno); Pailo (trippy trance, bomb breaks, house, &c.).
Note: This was PBA, pure n' simple...