Saturday, 19 May 2001
Pittsburgh PA
Third Eye Productions

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Line-up: Chris C.; Venom; OS/2; Cheshire; Bish; DJ Daddy; Phillum Beans.
Note: Well, another new venue (and it was a great one at that) and more parochial local law enforcement with nothing else to do than to shut down the party. The reason? Not enough fire sprinklers. Amazing when you can't find anything else wrong, some fire code violation will usually do it, huh? Why would that be? Fear of the unknown is the least common denominator here. Anyhow, after this got shut down, the party was moved to Level (R.I.P.) and a host of DJs spun there, including OS/2. He's always so great to Pittsburgh! After we packed up and headed to Level, I ended up selling water downstairs until the party was over. Got to see someone who brought a boa constrictor (yep, snake!) to the party. Kinda brave if you ask me... but something I didn't expect to see. Turned out to be a great night anyhow. Too bad I didn't have my camera at Level to catch a pic of that snake, but if you saw it, you know what I mean! :-)