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Saturday, 13 May 2000
'Carnival' in Hopewell PA
1st Dragon Productions

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There ARE NO CAPTIONS because I wasn't allowed to take a simple stick pen in to write down the names of everyone... so if I can't include them all (or most, at least), then I put none. Sorry!
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Line-up: Inspector 901 (hard techno); DJ K.A.L.I. (trance); DJ Messy (progressive house); Plastique (hard disco house); Ratana (drum n' bass); Electric Mayhem (psychadelic trance); DJ Jeff Chung (progressive trance); DJ Joel Pryde (deep tribal house); E. Ditty (trance); DJ Fizikz (jungle)
Note: This venue curiously seemed to be a bingo hall in a strip mall. Interesting. Decent place and o.k. party, but something just seemed out-of-place to me. Nothing bad, just not enough people maybe. From what I heard, both Evolution the night before and this party were not really crowded. hmmmmm.....