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Saturday, 15 April 2000
Neville Ice Arena (South Side), Pittsburgh PA
Dark Alley Productions

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 Kytti, Mikey, Cory & Lauren  Lauren & Mikey
 Cory, Mike, Mikey, Kytti & Lauren  DJ Xotica, Sweetie, Bill, Pixie & Koren
 Mike & Suzanne  Shannon finds a friend!
 Mike & Starboy  Shannon & Starboy
 Regina & Amanda  Amanda (his cousin) & Starboy
 Amanda, Sheena, Starboy, Shannon, Casper & Tram  Jim, Kathleen, Tara & Teo
 Shawn and his way cool evil clown shirt!  Lauren, Chris & Jeff
 Hodge (Rob)  Jake  :-)
   Né & Tom
 Starboy breaks!  ... and again!
 Me & 'Da Blue Whale'  :-)  check out the link to his page on mine!  
 Starz & Hodge  Jim, Kelly & Fred (it was his first party!)
 Alice, Erin & Michelle

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Line-up: Kevin Yost; Spoon; Elysium; Malachi; Moose; Didi; Bish; Trouble; Lsdiaz.
Note: Gee, there's something about this 'virgin venue' thing I think I might begin to like...hehehe! Anyhow, great place, great party, great vibe. While Let Me See If You Can Dance was still the nicest party I've ever been to, this has pulled ahead to run a close second! The staff and security were great and helped keep everything happy and 'up'! Great job, Dark Alley! The DJs were great and everything was perfect... one hell of a great night!