Land of the Lost

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Saturday, 18 March 2000
Club Laga, Pittsburgh PA

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 Heather and Chris (a/k/a DJ CO2)  Hope, Jessica and Tye
 Tom - never seen anyone dance with scarves before, but it was cool!  
 Princess Krystyn & Elmo  Josh (left), Scott (right) and one hell of a lightshow!  (Thanks, Stephanie for the names!)
 Skyewalker and Hope  DJ, Mindy and Ryan
   Steve and Aubrey
 The Lineup!  Casper with the Lineup!
 Casper and me... it was his second party!  Autumn, Casper and Nicole
 Laura and Scott  Tina and Rick
   Well, I think I've looked better, but...
 Nicole, Skyewalker and Val  Cathy and Jeremy
 DJ and Lisa  Nipples and Skyewalker
 Mike gives Nipples the COOLEST lightshow!  Hope getting the same.
 Skyewalker and Carebear

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Line-up: David Hollands (minimal techno, electro, acid, house); The Mighty Mezz (progressive and trance); JP (deep house & tribal); TAG-TEAM SETS as follows: TR-Generation & the Instigator (Live PA/DJ Set - techno & electro); Craig K & Inspector 901 (4 turntable set - hard techno); Bricks & Ratana (drum n' bass); Plastique & Ish (hard house).
Note: Yet ANOTHER new venue... cool layout with 2 floors, but those brightly lit stairways could kill! Great music that rocked the crowd... the DJs and everyone really seemed to have fun tonight.