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Saturday, 16 December 2000
Level, Pittsburgh PA
Downlow Communications

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Line-up: Plastique; B Dee; Product 19; Rowland the Bastard; Cowboy; Eric Justin & Zemo; Ed Um; Clever; Da Mofo; Bagel; Edgar Umm; Kevin; Alexander; Moose; Hutch; Bigjohnstud; Smoov; Zone.
Note: Downlow has taken over the Stock Exchange, which used to be a club called Zack's Fourth Avenue. Hmmm... let's bring back memories from some years ago! ;-) Anyhow, this is a cool, kickass venue done as only Downlow can do it! Great place and a great time! The three levels of sound are a great idea... although everywhere I went this night I loved what I heard, I spent most of my time downstairs listening to the breaks... those guys really kicked some ass, that's all I can say! Now if the post office will only deliver Bigjohnstud's mail...