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Saturday, 24 June 2000
Beaver County Community College, Pittsburgh PA
MADDRAVER Productions

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 The Venue.  Barbie & Paulie*
 Maddraver presents...  
   Barbie, Heidi (with the phat fur clothes!) & Jessica
 Brandon & Brad (his first party!)  
 Calico  Calico, Aaron & Brian
 Steve, Spacegirl & Steav  

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Line-up: Frankie Bones; Spacegirl; Punisher; Hardware; Soulslinger; Absolut/Alaska; Danny the Wildchild; Chesire; Jesse Gonzales.
Note: Regardless of the controversy surrounding this party, it was not one to miss! The music and the lineup were incredible and the vibe was really fantastic. There were many people from New York and Ohio and they brought with them lots of love. They had such great things to say about what they've heard about the Pittsburgh scene, it was a shame there weren't more locals to share it all with. Sonny put together one HELL of a party with great organisation. The overall setup was one of the phatest of the year with the lasers, visuals and lighting. You could feel the sound running through your body! WHEW!