Magick!!! (Night 1)

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Friday, 27 October 2000
Paintball Arena (Strip District), Pittsburgh PA
Downlow Communications

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Line-up: MVP; Craig K; Ben Kenobi; Shawn Rudiman; Smoov; Johnny Blista; Kevin & Jus One; Bigjohnstud & Hank D.
Note: Tonight was the 'pre-party' for the big Magick!!! party on Saturday. This was a return to paintball for the first time since the early spring. Actually, it was pretty nice. I know, I know, this place is dirty as all hell, but this night, only the front lobby and two side rooms were open (not the arena itself) so it wasn't bad at all. This was the first Pittsburgh party in a long while and the crowd this night was one of the friendliest I've seen in a long time. Although I would suspect that Magick!!! would draw it's fair share of atypical partykids simply because of the name and the event, this wasn't really true the first night. This was a well-planned $10 event and everyone I met there that night was having a hell of a good time.