Magick!!! (Night 2)

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Saturday, 28 October 2000
Paintball Arena (Strip District), Pittsburgh PA
Downlow Communications

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Line-up: Skylab 2000; Twilight Sleep; Kevin; E Rock; Ryan Matthew; Zemo; Smartie.
Note: Another night at paintball... the whole place this time. Sorry, but dirt, raining drops of paint, mulch and all... I still liked it. Were there too many people here? Why don't you ask the few hundred that were left in the street when the door was finally closed? I've been to too many parties lately where a large turnout has been expected and few have shown up... talk about killing a vibe! Empty space is death to a party... and if that's the case, this was the most alive party Pittsburgh has seen in a long, long time. Yeah, it was hot. Yeah, it was crowded. Yeah, some of the people there that night were incredibly rude. But can anyone really control the 'quality' of people who come through the door? Sure, there could have been more space, more water, better bathroom facilities, more clean space to sit... hell, you name it... but hindsight is 20/20 and if someone really didn't like being there that much, the door to leave was always open. Considering the mess this party COULD have been, I think it all ran pretty damned smoothly... and everyone I was lucky enough to talk to and to meet Saturday night seemed to be having one hell of a good time! Parties aren't always as perfect as we all might like... but isn't that the fun of them? And I'd much rather be at a crowded party than at an empty party myself! This was a DAMNED NICE NIGHT in my book! BTW, although ALL the music was great this night... RYAN MATTHEW'S SET KICKED ARSE! (again!!!)