Mary Xmas

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Friday, 22 December 2000
Club Laga (Oakland), Pittsburgh PA
Pursuit of Happiness

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Line-up: Brad Anderson; Kos; Robbie Hardkiss; AC Slater v. Singe; DJ Moose; Tim & Ted Zelch.
Note: Something about this venue and Pursuit just make a damned great party! OK, so it was colder that... well, just really damned cold outside... at least it was hot in here tonight! What an incredible vibe and friendly people... the music couldn't have been better! Just as I figured and has happened to me in the past, I got mistaken for DJ Kos by some really nice guy who was just starting to learn to spin and asked me for some tips... I wish I could have helped him because he seemed so sincere. Same thing happend to me in Toledo after Thunderdome, but that guy just refused to believe I wasn't Kos... guess he still thinks that Kos showed up at some house party in a rundown section of Toledo after spinning all night... *sigh*. Anyhow... this was still a great night and a great way to prepare for the holidays with the family! :-)