Mary Xmas

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Saturday, 23 December 2000
Neville Ice Arena (South Side), Pittsburgh PA
Pursuit of Happiness

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Line-up: Dara; OS/2; Entropy; Madame Mercury; Circuit 6; Darwin; Colin Anthony; Electric Mayhem/Count Zer0/Malachi.
Note: Neville Ice Arena on a frigid December night... need I say more? The only place on earth where cold is bad and so is heat... *sigh* Still, a great night! The sets all kicked ass... just too bad that so many missed them all. The crowd that was there was great. OS/2 quit his set in the middle and moved to the lobby area... what a great move! Funniest moment... just putting on a brand new (cheap) down winter coat which I purchased just to wear to parties in the cold and kneeling down next to Don's (Wizard Workshop sound) baby torpedo heater to plug in some equipment and not realising that the heater was melting and buring the whole right side of my coat... can you say feathers? Jesus... that was funny, but boy was I ever warm! :-)