Mercury Bubbles

Saturday, 01 July 2000
A big field somewhere near Beaver, PA
Inadaze Productions

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Note: This was a really cool outdoor venue... and a nice party with a great vibe. Unfortunately, I arrived just in time to watch the police shut the lights down until 8.00 a.m. and I couldn't stay for the party to resume in the morning. There were some problems here in the organisation, but you know what... this was still a great event regardless of the petty gripes. Our problems are now beginning to stem from overzealous and ignorant law enforcement who have no clue as to what the Constitution of the United States and this Commonwealth actually give them the power to do. One day, one of these police departments will be sued and someone will be paying very dearly for the overbearing actions of some poorly-trained officers. Better check with your District Attorneys before you continue to do what you're doing guys... the consequences can be substantial.