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Friday, 02 June 2000
Rostraver Ice Gardens, Rostraver (Pittsburgh) PA
Pursuit of Happiness

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   Steve, Little D, Andy & Jake
 Steve, Me & Little D  Jake & Andy
   The Mighty Mezz
 STEVE!  HIS NAME IS STEVE, DAMMIT!  :-)  [correction of prior misspelling)  
 It wouldn't be a party without Disco Dan!  :-)  LINDY!!!!
 Matt Positive  Matt Positive

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Line-up: Luis Diaz; Justin Scott [aka Voyager]; Joshua Ryan; Matt Postive; The Mighty Mezz; Trout Soup; Brad Anderson - In the second room: Bricks; Doc Cutups; Inspector 901; Ish; Ratana; Reliant; Loked Out.
Note: Well, the curse of the Ice Garden has hit yet another great party... too bad for all of you who missed it! Attendance was unfortunately very poor... and guess what... there were NO COPS! (well, 2 who stood in the back by the door for about 15 mins, but none other than them). All of the DJs in the main room (the arena) really kicked ass! I didn't spend much time in the second room (sorry!), but I've heard great things there too. The great vibe of the night was contributed in large part to the fact that this was almost an entirely sober party... and it made ALL the difference! For those who don't do parties sober at all... you really gotta see just how equally great these are WITHOUT anything! Wow!!