Saturday, 08 April 2000
Indiana Ice Arena, Indiana PA
inner child productions

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 Beading in Skyewalker's old room before the party!  Chris, Nate and Lurpy after some 'pizza' in Mikey's room!
 Nommo & Didi  Nipples & Ashley
 Heather, DJ Romeo (Jim) & Scum (Jim) at the Flower Table... thanks guys!  :-)  Mikey and his glowsticks!
 Nommo & Didi... again!  Dave (his birthday this night!), Brad & Matt.
 Luna, Dyce & Skyewalker!  Scott & Julie
 Scott, Randy (his first party!) & Julie  Skyewalker & Lil' Lisa
 Skyewalker, Betsy & Dyce  Mikey, Phillips (Aaron), Nipples (Carla), Alisha & Angie
 Me, Mikey, Skyewalker, Alisha, Angie, Nipples & Phillips  7-Up with the bracelet I made Skyewalker on his right wrist!
 Skyewalker & 7-Up  7-Up and the bracelet again... he looks kinda serious here, doesn't he?!
 Disco Dan & Dave  Chris & Dana
 Chris & I... so where WAS my hand that made him look like that?!  Tall Bob, Mike & Dave
 Heather, Chelsea & Mike ... a/k/a Mike and his Honey Girls  Christina & David... it was their first party and they got engaged tonight!  Can you imagine a night like THAT?!
 KB, Fieval & Me

Kytti, Mike & Jen

 Mikey & Me as colour opposites!  Honestly, this WASN'T planned like this!  :-)

 The Lineup

Line-up: FSK147; Nommo v. Didi; Kevin; 7-Up; Product 19; Bagel; Ratana.
Note: Yet another new venue... a bit away from Pittsburgh, but it was cool anyhow. Why no candy or bags at this one is anyone's guess, but the party was really great and the shade was minimal. Kinda cold... can't WAIT for summer parties, can you?! Thanks, Inner Child! :-)