Wednesday, 22 October 2000
Neville Ice Arena (South Side), Pittsburgh PA
The Abstract Earth Project

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Line-up: Ben Kenobi; Zone
Note: Pimp'n is a new event being held Wednesdays at Neville. This night was the second night for it and it was a GREAT event! Lots of people, good music, great vibe going on. This crew (all pictured in the first pic shown above) has done a kickass job in putting this all together. This is a nice, relaxed event... and I had as much if not more fun here this night than I do at some regular parties that I go to. My word to everyone is this... CHECK PIMP'N OUT... you won't regret it! More info on this event will be posted on my parties page as soon as I get it... including dates and lineups... keep watching!