Friday, 11 February 2000
Paintball Arena, Pittsburgh

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 Doug, Kate & Brian before we went upstairs... R U READY?!  :-)  Hope had these hanging geometric decorations growing from her head all night!
 Hope, Doug and Mike pose with Don-Don and someone I don't know!  Shawn brought two of his friends to this, their FIRST party!
 Brian, Doug, 'Peaches' & Kate after Peaches showed them a new, little trick!  I liked how he danced....
 Lightsticks on strings!  The crowd in the mellow room.
 Hope, Mike and Doug relax on the bed!  Brian and Kate.
   Now HOW did she get a Psychosis shirt?
 Dougie gets his girl!  :-)  Mindy was SUPPOSED to introduce me to her brother... hmmm... (NO, this ISN'T her brother!)

 Have you ever SEEN so many beads?!  :-)
 Mike dancing in the mellow room.  Hallucinogen KICKED ASS!
 Hope and Jim at the end of the night!

 This guy had the COOLEST pants... and this REALLY cool contact in his right eye!  WHO ARE YOU?!


 Mike dancing.... again!  :-)