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Friday, 01 December 2000
Club Laga (Oakland), Pittsburgh PA
Sidetrakkt Productions

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Line-up: Juno Reactor; Alex Patterson of The Orb; Witchman; The Zelch Brothers; Zone; Count Zer0; Electric Mayhem.
Note: I'm not so sure that I expected what I saw at Laga this night... but I'm damned glad I did! There hasn't been so much excitement and energy in a room at one time that I can remember! I really wish there was a way I could write here and describe what went on this night, but I don' t know how to do that... look at the pics and see if you can figure out what you missed. It won't be easy, but try. Sorry, but that's the best I can do! Alex Patterson and all of our locals helped keep the night tied to reality in a good way... thanks! Sorry, I missed Electric Mayhem, but I just couldn't stay awake any longer and had to go home as Zone started. Curiously, the venue cleared out quite a bit after Juno Reactor left the stage... sort of like the show ended and the party started. Everyone was really friendly here tonight... everyone was just nice. Isn't that the way it's always supposed to be?! Hmmmm.....