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Monday, 03 July 2000
Columbus, OH
7th Purpose Productions

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   Jessica (her car has a great air conditioner...!)
 me & Jessica

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Line-up: Phife Dawg; Paul Johnson; Richard "humpty" Vission; DJ Funk; Doughboy; Titonton; Nathan Profitt (HE KICKED ASS!!); Short Kut v. Danny Tha Wildchild; Ming & FS; Dara; J-Smooth; DJ Kinetic w/ MC Rudebwoy; Ben Kenobi v. Hazey; Verge; Daryl the Lovebomb; Nautigroove; Elysium; Mike guidotti; Eric-D; Jam Deuce.
Note: Paries in Ohio are very, very different from parties in Pittsburgh. The Scene is different and so are the people. While some of the Pittsburgh people found the Columbus crew to be unfriendly, I found them to be totally opposite... very friendly! I don't really like that they sell alcohol at the Ohio parties... I don't think it goes well with the other things that go around here. Also, $3 is just a plain, bad idea... not that $4 beer is much better... but c'mon... that bottle of water costs less than 20 cents and to charge $3 is unconscionable. But this WAS a phat party, killer lineup, EXCELLENT energy from the crowd, AND it made money! Due to an overdose and ambulance intervention, it was shut down 30 minutes early, cutting short Nathan Profitt's final two songs (which he said were his best -- and there's NO reason not to believe him)... but that's how things work, I suppose. Sorry, but my favourite performer of the night was Nathan Profitt... I hope to hell someone books him in Pittsburgh SOON! He's live PA trance... and some of the most amazing sounds I've EVER heard!