Spring Breaks

Friday, 31 March 2000
Rostraver Ice Garden, Rostraver PA

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 Tammy (front), Demius a/k/a Jason, Kris, Handz (L to R rear)  Timm
 Dyce, Starboy, Funshine  Adam & Nick
 Adam & Dawn  Cartman
 Q & NateDogg  Travis, Crystal, Adam & Nick
 Crystal  Casper & Dave
 Jason, Ma Raver, Tall Bob & DJ Xotica  KB
 Nick & Mike  Jessica & Nicole
 The Lineup for the second room  Tram, Lisahoe & Joshie
 Tram, Me & Lisahoe  Rob, Laura & Ben
 Jennifer & Troy... they seem to be enjoying, uh, the party?  Tye (not to be confused with the other Tye on these pages!)
 Kytti, Skyewalker & Sweetie  Jeremy
 Funshine & Casper  Erin & Laura
 Dyce, Funshine & Skyewalker

Chris, Lisa & Tim... who got stranded at the party and we met going back to Oakland together.

Line-up: Main Room: Fabio (ambient breakbeat); Freaky Flow (jungle/drum & bass); Kevin (acid jazz/funky breaks); E-Rock; (Diggabeats (funky breaks); Bagel & Alaska; Ratana (tech step). Second Room: Alexander; Art Pendragon; MSKW1; Trout; Count Zero; Zone; Messy.