Spy v. Spy

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Saturday, 13 January 2001
Level, Pittsburgh PA
Third Eye Productions & Miracle Entertainment

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Line-up: Phillum Beans v. Osmotic; Cheshire v. Bish; Mike Myers v. The Dever; Technical Itch v. Decoder; d:Fuse v. Shane Howard; Colin Anthony v. Product 19; Tim Zelch v. Ted Zelch. [if someone knows the lineups from the 3d floor and basement, please email them to me so i can post them! thanks!]
Note: Jesus! Did you ever think that Level could get so packed with people?! Just gotta love all those considerate morons who decided that the stairways were the perfect place for that long overdue reunion, right? Anyhow, what a kickass night. A first party for a lot of people and a great one at that. Yes, it was crowded, yes, it rained inside, yes, it was hot as hell... but isn't that the way it's supposed to be at least occasionally? Kudos to Rob, Third Eye and Miracle for all their hard work!