Summer Solstice Y2K

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Friday-Saturday-Sunday, 16-17-18 June 2000
Somewhere in Central West Virginia
Timelab & Eternal Youth

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 A view of the field before...  Another 'before' shot...
 Chad & Tim  ... and the vendors move in... even showed up!  
 Glassblowing personalised pipes.  
 Yep, that's FIRE she's blowing!  The lineup... such as it existed!
 The 60 watt YAG laser sure lights up the sky, doesn't it?!  
   Tim the speaker-phreak!
   Day 2 of the party...
 My, what BIG cocks they have!  ... and what a little one (apparently) HE has!
 Down at the D&B stage...

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Line-up: [from the flyer]: Derrick Carter; Donald Glaude; Dietrich; Adam X; Heather Heart; Aphrodite w/ MC Mis-ty; H-Foundation; Halo; Hipp-E; Shawn Rudiman a/k/a TR Generation; Q-Burn's Abstract Message; Freaky Flow w/ MC Flipside; Flipside; Jason Patrick; Sine; Method One & Kaos; Starchild; Lorne; Kpakpo; Armen; Samm-E; East Coast Boogiemen; Klip Rock; Future Funk; Delirium; J-Luv; Alan Sax; Lovethang; Kevin; 7-Up; Buckus Drum Crew; Instigator; Product 19; Hazey; Kech; Poe; Jordan; Michael; Zelch Brothers; Craig K; Inspector 901; ADM; Bagel; Alaska; Drive; Drae 192; Intel; Evan Evolution; R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.; Trice; Jayroc; DJ Bob; Ben Kenobi; Mesa Pegasus; Smartie; Clever; Strangeloop; The Specialist; Sonic; Witchman; Zone; Stewart Mixon; F8; AC Slater; Alex Waters; 304 Recon; DJ Bearcat; Riser; Teak; Art Pendragon; Sean Eternal
Note: The first major outdoor party of Y2K and it TOTALLY KICKED ASS! Ok, so the weather coulda been a little better (and drier), but this 3,500+ person event on too many acres to count was the wildest event I've ever been to. I can't even imagine the planning that it took to pull this all off... and Teak and the whole crew deserve mad props for their hard work. As the flyer said, this was to be a 'coming together' of many things... and it was just that... and a hell of a good time too! This'll be a party talked about for a very long time to come!