Saturday, 7 April 2001
Level, Pittsburgh PA
Andy Toth

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 Matt Drown  Matt Drown
 Kelvin Larkin  Kelvin Larkin
 Dan Efex  Dan Efex
 Vapourspace (Mark)  Vapourspace (Mark)

Line-up: Vapourspace; Matt Drown; Dan Efex; Kelvin Larkin; Terry Kicks; Chris Xanthus; xb; Hubajube; Inspector 901; Ikari Bakudan
Note: Without a doubt, this was the most-missed party of the year. If you didn't make it out to hear the music this night, you missed something big. I couldn't be more serious. These were the most incredible sounds to hit Pittsburgh in a very long time and Andy did a hell of a job putting this altogether. Af ter Matt Drown spun his set, he went downstairs to party a little. He came back laughing and told me he was talking to some girl who complained to him (and who obviously didn't know he was a DJ) that she wished they would play some music she knew! Believe that! Someone wants to pay $15 to hear the same 15 tracks every week! Just goes to show where the scene is heading, doesn't it?
This goes down as one of the best events (musically) that I've ever gone to. The DJs were pros and totally kicked the house!