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Friday, 15 September 2000
Club Laga, Pittsburgh (Oakland) PA
Pursuit of Happiness

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Line-up: Teak, Zelch, Zelch, Josh Ryan, Colin, Paul Smith, Brisk, Ryan Matthew, Brad Anderson, Tranceinduction.
Note: What is it about the Pursuit of Happiness parties and that great vibe?! This was another incredible party worth waiting for... and didn't ALL the DJs just simply kick ARSE?! :-) There were people at this party that I haven't seen in quite a while... and many of them travelled pretty far to get here... if this was the party they were waiting for, then it was certainly worth the trip. I cannot remember when I've heard such great sets out of every single DJ... this was truly a party where everyone gave their all! Actually, I think that the crowd deserves a great big 'thank you' for making Brisk feel so welcome in Pittsburgh! I got to talk with him after his sets... and he couldn't have been happier with the night... tired as hell, but happy with the night! What did this party show? It showed that the 'vibe' is something that everyone has to contribute to in some way... and when they all do, you get a night like this... one not to forget!