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Friday-Saturday, 14-15 July 2000
A great big field in West Bethlehem Township, Washington Co. PA
Downlow Communications

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Line-up: Click here for the initial lineup. Due to bad weather, some of the acts from Friday were cancelled and/or moved to Saturday. Since there was nothing posted around the party, most often we heard DJs and didn't know who they were.
Note: Well, it wouldn't have been an outdoor party without rain. Although it wasn't anywhere near as bad as Summer Solstice Y2K a month ago, the rain still was lousy. We got mad fog in the valley on Saturday night which was cool, but which made the pics I took look watermarked or something. Once again, Downlow put together one hell of a great party! There were people here from all over the country and the vibe was GREAT! Thanks to everyone who made this party fantastic!