Out West... a pictorial

Because of two shows we had to do out west (with Lightwave Laser Productions), one in Salt Lake City, Utah and the other in Madison, Wisconsin... Salt Lake was one Saturday and Madison the following... I had the chance, for the first time, to actually drive out West. It's something that I always wanted to do. Previously, I'd only ever driven as far as South Bend, Indiana (for a fated interview with Notre Dame University -- didn't get accepted, but managed to drop my transmission in my car on the way home), but I've flown to Denver, Colorado and various places in California.

I couldn't have imagined either the size of this country or the incredibly beautiful things that I would see out there. We took I-80 straight to Salt Lake City and then cut up through Idaho (did you know there are incredible sand dunes in Idaho?) to Yellowstone National Park to see Old Faithful and then connected onto I-90 back East to see Mt. Rushmore, Wall Drug and lots of other interesting sights.

I know you'll be surprised to hear that I took a lot of pictures on this trip... and they are contained on the pages linked below. I tried to take as many pictures of signs to identify where I was at the time so you would have some reference. Due to the sheer number of pictures, I was forced to automate the process by which I generated the thumbnail pages... so they are similar to, but not exactly like what you're used to seeing here, but they work just the same.

As for the parties we did lasers for...
Salt Lake City, Utah was basically an all-local lineup with Keoki as the headliner. There must have been 2,500 people there that night. The venue was a 30 minute drive to a cut-out flat area near the top of a mountain which overlooked Utah Lake. Across the lake was a little town with another mountain behind it. The sun came up over that mountain in the morning and it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! There are a few party pics, including some with the fire artists (those aren't glowsticks you think you see in the dark pictures). There's some pics of sunrise and of the sound truck which the sound guy drove over the hillside in the morning, speakers still in tow with the back of the truck!
Madison, Wisconsin was one of the most elabourate events I've ever seen. The lineup was enourmous, with both local, regional, national and international DJs. The venue was a hill above a very rural farm. They erected one large tent for the main stage and several smaller tents to make up maybe a half dozen other stages, including some DIY stages. This party also had approximately 2,500 in attendance (not really enough to break even, unfortunately), but I can say that I've never seen so many people dancing their asses off in the mud (of course, it rained like hell during the show!) and enjoying the music. Of course, the monsoon-like rain washed out the dirt road leading to the top of this hill and we had to sit there until 7 p.m. on Sunday night to get the trucks down from the hill after the sun dried the road up a bit. This party also had bottles of water with custom-printed labels for the event. How cool! :-)

So I guess I've talked enough here... I have so many stories I could tell. I hope these pics illustrate to you the overwhelming nature of this trip for me. Take my advice... if you get the chance... see this country!

Picture Sets are in Chronological Order
The Beginning... Set 1
The Middle... Set 2
The End... Set 3