Saturday, 29 April 2000
Beaver County Community College

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 This sign is outside of Indiana PA, where I made a trip earlier in the day before the party... I couldn't pass it up!  :-)  Mikey & DJ Spree
 Mikey & DJ Spree 2  James shows the little girl who was selling all of the bracelets at the door how 'glowsticks work.'
 James and his glowstick lessons again!  DJ Spree
 The view of the crowd from behind the turntables.  The crowd again... check out those red dots of light!
 Fieval, Casper, Wombat & Wendy  Casper, Annie & Kristen
 Kara, Jessica, Leah & Amanda  Robyn & Steve (all the way from Cincinnati!)
 Mikey & Me  Mikey, James & Me
 tr-generation  Jacob (also from Cincinnati) & Me
 Grant, Chris & Paul  Jake & Ashley
 Dean  Casper & Rocco
 Rocco & Me


Line-up: The Dever (trance); Derrik a/k/a Dj2 (ambient jazzy jungle); Dieselboy (drum & bass); Product 19 (hard acid trance); DJ Sine; DJ Spree (happy hardcore); McDub 2 (jungle); TR Generation (acid house)
Note: This was such a cool venue... a geodesic dome basketball arena! The floor was sort of padded and you could feel the beat all night. Nice small crowd with little shade. Sorry, but you ALL should have been there!