A great friend of mine took me to my first party (rave) in November, 1999 and shared with me what goes on here. It's something that you truly cannot put into words... it's a feeling, a mood, a vibe. So many people I've met who I've told I go to these things think they are bad, wrong, morally bankrupt and/or nothing more than drug parties. They are not that at all. They are a nightlong gathering of people coming together to share peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR). The people who come to them just for the sake of doing drugs are missing the point entirely, but they too are welcome so long as they don't harm themselves or others.

If you don't understand techno music and you've closed your mind to new experiences with new people then you wouldn't enjoy these parties at all. That is truly your loss, I think. But if you have ever even considered seeing what one of these parties was like, I encourage you to go. You'd be surprised at who you may know who comes to them... there is no age, sex, race or sexual orientation barrier.

The best explanation of PLUR that I have seen is that from my friend Jason, which I have posted here. You should read this because it truly embodies what these parties are supposed to be all about and Jason was kind enough to let me post it. There are some other explanations of PLUR and The Scene that have meant something to me in some way.
'Who We Are'
'Raver's Manifesto'
The Scene by Tara.
'Acceptance' by Open_Hearted_One
'Raves' by KANDIE~~~~Dallas,TX
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article - 26 September 2000
Kelly's letter the the P-G Editor
Matthew's view of the scene
T,K.'s letter to everyone
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette letters to the Editor
What Raving Means to Me by KozmiK
Instructions for Life in the New Millennium
The Music
How to Annoy a Raver
Ratana's Response
Why I Rave by Pikachu

Don't lose sight of the meaning of the message here because once we do, these parties, as they are meant to be, will end.

A great place to find information about the scene and the events is the
Steel City Raver Information System.

Pursuit of Happiness
Digital Empire
(this is a great news and info site by some dedicated party kids in the VA-TN-NC area)
Lolli's House Productions
Ratana's Page
Nathan Profitt
VJ JBrick

Lightwave International - Laser Productions & Effects
(Every Friday @ Club 'M', Pittsburgh PA)

Click on a party name to go to that page of pics!

'Heaven' (28 November 1999)
'Shake' (8 January 2000)
'2' (29 January 2000)
'Simplicity' (5 February 2000) (Cleveland)
'Psychosis' (11 February 2000)
'Humble' (19 February 2000)
Reverberating Rhythms (3 March 2000)
Let Me See If You Can Dance (11 March 2000)
Break of Dawn (17 March 2000)
Land of the Lost (18 March 2000)

Spring Breaks (31 March 2000)
Phunkadelik (8 April 2000)
Keep It Simple 2 (15 April 2000)
Wish (29 April 2000)
Stop, Drop & Roll (5 May 2000)
Innerfocus (13 May 2000)
Homegrown (20 May 2000)
Rhythmic Transcendence (27 May 2000)
Onetopia (2 June 2000)
renegade (3 June 2000)

Rise Up and Come Together (10 June 2000)
Summer Solstice Y2K (16-18 June 2000)
Maddness (24 June 2000)
Everyone Gets Fed (01 July 2000)
Mercury Bubbles (01 July 2000)
Revolution (03 July 2000)
Unity (14-15 July 2000)
1.5-topia (22 July 2000)
Induce (28 July 2000)
Global 2000 (4-6 August 2000)

Thunderdome (18 August 2000) (Toledo OH)
Intergalactic Adventure (19 August 2000)
Back to Skool (1 September 2000)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (2 September 2000) (Knoxville TN)
Groove Attack 2.0 (9 September 2000) (Niagra Falls NY)
Twotopia (15 September 2000)
Lift 3 (23 September 2000) (Buffalo NY)
A Solid Rising (30 September 2000) (Roanoke VA)
First Derivative (7 October 2000) (Lebanon PA)
Magick - Night One (27 October 2000)

Magick - Night Two (28 October 2000)
A Fall Excursion (4 November 2000) (Knoxville TN)
Imagine This (11 November 2000) (Roanoke VA)
Groove (17 November 2000)
Higher Learning (18 November 2000)
Pimp'n (22 November 2000)
2.5topia (25 November 2000)
Pimp'n (29 November 2000)
Psyclectic (01 December 2000)
Sagittarius (09 December 2000)

Level 1 (16 December 2000)
Mary Xmas - Night One (22 December 2000)
Mary Xmas - Night Two (23 December 2000)
2001 (31 December 2000) (Roanoke VA)
Spy v. Spy (13 January 2001)
Have A Good Time (20 January 2001)
Aquarius (03 February 2001)
Chime (24 February 2001) (Roanoke VA)
Winter Music Conference (March 2001) (Miami FL)
Supermode (7 April 2001)

Perfecto On Tour (16 April 2001)
Infinity (19 May 2001)
Party In My Pants (26 May 2001)
Out West - A Pictorial (May-June 2001)


Spring Breaks day-after party?
25 August 2000
MOA Tour - 17 October 2000